We understand how important a healthy smile is to your quality of life, and we can partner with you to preserve your natural smile. Sometimes, however, teeth are lost or must be extracted.

When this happens, it can affect your ability to perform simple daily tasks like eating and speaking. As your partner in dental health, it is our job to help you find the best tooth-replacement solution; for many, dentures may be the perfect option. High-quality, personalized, and well-fitted dentures can restore your youthful appearance and confidence while improving your ability to eat and speak naturally.

There are a variety of denture options available today to fit every patient’s dental, personal, and financial needs. Three options are full conventional dentures, overdentures, and partial dentures.

Full conventional dentures are used to replace all teeth on one or both jaws. They’re custom made to imitate your gum line and teeth and to fit your mouth perfectly. Conventional dentures are one of the most affordable solutions available. The main disadvantage to this option is that conventional dentures may become unstable because of the gradual bone loss that occurs after tooth loss.

Overdentures are slightly more expensive, but they are an extremely stable, long-term option. Overdentures are supported by natural teeth, if available, or by implants, which support the overdentures but also help maintain bone volume and your natural facial structure.

Partial dentures are only an option if you have remaining teeth. They are supported by the existing teeth and are very stable and esthetically resemble your natural teeth.