Tooth Extractions

Occasionally, it may become necessary to extract a tooth. The decision to extract is always made in collaboration with you as part of your ongoing dental plan, and then only after all alternatives have been considered. Situations that may lead to an extraction include severely damaged or decaying teeth, impacted wisdom teeth, and teeth that are overcrowded and require orthodontic treatment.

An extraction is a routine procedure for our experienced professionals. The procedure includes x-rays to assess the location, size, and position of the tooth to be removed as well as the surrounding area, which helps determine the extent of the extraction procedure. For example, a front tooth with a single root requires a less extensive procedure than a molar, which has multiple roots, or an impacted wisdom tooth. Next, we assess the anesthesia and sedation options that will best serve your needs, allowing for a pain-free, less-than-memorable experience.

Finally, careful removal that often includes a bone-preserving graft takes place. When teeth must be removed, especially ones that appear in your smile, there are a number of natural-looking, permanent tooth-replacement options, such as implants, that can give your smile a second chance.